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I never tire of watching that video. We were helping the owner's employee freshen this car up in a thread on TGO. At the same time, I was looking for a new hood insulation pad for my '83 Crossfire. I had searched for months for a new original part. Nothing anywhere. I bought a couple of crappy repro's off of ebay, but I wasn't happy with them.

One day, I opened the "4 mile IROC" thread on TGO and the guy restoring it had ordered a hood insulation pad for this IROC. He posts a picture and says, why does this one have a big hole in the middle with an aluminum heat shield on one side and what do I do with this thing now? Apparently, he had accidentally gotten the VERY LAST new in the box from GM Crossfire hood insulation. I immediately PM'd him and bought it!
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