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Originally Posted by simt3k View Post
Does the 3200 stall torque converter work like launch control? And I assume the twin turbo kit is from RX?
No, nothing like launch control. Every automatic transmission has a torque converter. It allows the input side (engine) and output side (driveshaft) to operate at different RPMs without building up too much fluid heat from friction. They transmission only locks up once the two are near the same speed. A side benefit of this mechanism is it can multiply torque (hence the name). You can manipulate the "looseness" of the converter to allow it to multiply torque and delay lock until different RPMs. So a 3200 stall converter will will lock up later than a 2200 stall and earlier than a 4200. You can use this in drag racing to get your engine speed up into a desireable powerband and launch like a rocket. If you have turbos, this really helps a lot because, even though this turbos spool quickly, by 3200 RPMs they are making more boost than at say 2000 RPM. If you can put the power to the ground, then you can have a really good 60'.
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