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No, no, no, you guys missed my point.....And didn't read the rhythm correctly.

My sig used to say 650 HP, but after a message from CMS I had to change a number. But thank you for the compliments, as you always give! You guys push me, and T there's no way I would or could justify spending that much $$ for a new ZR1, now that one that Kurt showed, maybe! I like the Z06 Vettes and that's one car the Cunningham MotorSports specializes in giving big HP too.

I really do LOVE my car and can't wait to get it back, and with the upgrades I've done, i.e., DSS Carbon Drive Shaft, 1400 HP shafts, upgraded clutch, etc..I really want to rip around in it, and pull up next to that new ZR1, or Lambo, or Ferrari owners and dust them. If would be foolish to sell it unless I could get a great price on it, but with the tricks up my sleeve, I could get a nice price. There's a lady in Tennessee, who's husband is a drag racer and she is absolutely in love with the car, and it would be perfect for her since her hubby is a gear head....Gotta respect a chick that loves the car that much. She saw it when I had it on ebay and wanted to pull the trigger, but I yanked it to sell Pierre the wheels, get 20s, the cam, and then everything else followed. So with 2200 miles on it, and many brand new parts, I'm certainly going to see what I can get.

But like I said, the coup de grace is when it's in print for all to see, then that increases it's value, and right now it's in line for 3 mags, but talk is cheap so we'll see who steps to the plate first. But I've always had a love for the Vettes, my first one back in 1989. Unlike you Brotha P, I have no children and my wife is scared shitless to even ride in the car with me and that was before, I'm sure it'll only be worse now with the upgrades.

So for now I want to feel what 700 RWHP feels like, I have the best adjustable suspension, Pedders (Thank you JusticePete & Deb), and other components so lets see what she'll do in a few events, racing that is. Because nothing satisfies me like speed, the rush, the high, I love it.

So for now, this will wait.......
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