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Originally Posted by electricblue2ss View Post
I need your help and am glad to see all you experts on here. I will try and make this as simple as possible:

Have a 2010 Camaro 2SS, automatic; it was bought with only 10K miles on it. It currently has 41K miles on it, so it has been driven 15K miles a year since buying it. During the 1st 36K miles it behaved fairly well. No major issues, except found that the brakes already had to be replaced @ approx. 30K miles. This included the rotors.

Then, the problems started, shortly after the bumper-to-bumper warranty expired.

Problem # 1: The car was shaking at 30 miles +an hour. If you drove it any faster, it almost became impossible to steer, and it was more apparent as the RPM's increased to 2,000. We took it to the local dealership who had been servicing the car, and they had it for a couple of days before calling us and saying they were suspecting the rear tires. Now, those tires were close to the need of getting replaced, but nowhere bald, and nowhere uneven. It didn't make complete sense, but I went along with it. As I went to get the car, they came back out and said: "We took the car for a test drive with the new tires and it is still shaking." Great!?! I went back home, and the next day I called back. The service contact person said to me that the technician had not taken the actual car apart when diagnosing it; he went on a hunch. They then quoted me another 3 days to do an actual diagnosis and wanted me to pay for it. Wait a minute - they didn't even know if it was a power train warranty covered item, and yet they were ready to start charging me. After two more days they told me they did not have the problem figured out yet, and I grew concerned because we needed the car for transportation. So, I called my insurance company and figured they employed automotive experts. Sure enough, they helped me by bridging me to one of their independent contractors who took me through the entire process of how to move forward. He suggested I have the car towed to another dealership, and start over. I figured it to be a good idea because clearly the other dealership was not with the program. It was towed north of the city, and the expert from our insurance company actually drove up there and inspected the vehicle with the technician. They found the culprit to be the "knuckle" - it was defective and needed to be replaced. It was not a tire issue, whatsoever. Once replaced, the car drove perfectly.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago -

Problem # 2: The stability track light came on; however, the car seemingly was driving fine. After a few days, more lights came on, including the engine light. I took it back to the dealership that fixed the car for Problem # 1. They called me and told me that the battery needed to be replaced. That seemed a little soon, but I was told that with a bad battery, the lights would often come on even if there were no issues. By putting a battery in to test if other lights came on, they would be able to see if there were other problems. They charged me $ 327 for a new one, including labor. Seemed steep to me. But we know how this goes, right? They have your car, they know you have to work and can't drive around for all these quotes, etc. And, potentially, there were other issues as well. I gave the go-ahead. After the battery had been replaced, another light came on and it I get another call telling me that the speed sensor was defective and that was causing the original stabili-track light to come on. Okay, by the time they were done with all the work, the total charge for the two items was $ 642. This just seems insane to me.

Problem # 3: Yesterday, the engine light came on AGAIN!!! The car wont idle now. It is sputtering and barely seems to hang on when idling. We have been at an intersection and it has died; starting it back up is not a problem, but it is dangerous and not reasonable to already have a problem again. I called the technician back and I brought up the fact that this car was not on a good path. I voiced my concerns and asked him if he didn't think this was a bad sign....he said: "I don't really remember the issues it has had before; I just remember you and the car itself." Oh, really? Because 3 weeks ago when you were wanting to earn our business again, you remembered everything about the "knuckle" issue. All he offered this time was: "I can't help you if you don't bring the car in..." Right, and I can't keep bringing the car in. But, clearly, it has to be checked again before anyone can drive it safely.

So, here are my questions to this group:

1) What qualifies as an "Express Warranty" when it comes to a 2010 Camaro, after the bumper-to-bumper warranty has expired?

2) Is the knuckle, speed sensor, and/or battery considered covered under power train? (From reading the warranty information I can't decipher Yes or No).

3) Would you start a dialoque with GM if you were me? Neither dealership has shown consistent ability to keep this car on the road since the bumper-to-bumper warranty expired. But, they manage to easily charge me.

**I, of course, do not know what Problem # 3 is yet, but I think arming myself with knowledge before going will be better this time.

Thank you for all your help in advance.
Sounds like you've had for a while the same problem I'm having with mine now. Head gasket failure. See thread:
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