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Originally Posted by mickss View Post
I`m not bashing drifting but I was wondering, quite a few years ago I was at the strip, blew my engine entering the traps (107 MPH) blew the block, oil everywhere, I slide to the right for what seems forever, then I slide to left for what seems forever, I finally come to an unscathed stop.(must have been my superior driving skills ) So my question is this, do I qualify as to actually have drifted or at least accidently tried drifting whether he wanted to or not?
No .. not really.

I dont expect people on a Camaro Forum to have a great respect for people who can drift, but it takes a TON of control.

I know we have all seen this video, but all it really is is an impressive display of drifting.

"With a light touch on the brakes, run the revs up a bit. Slip off the brake and bury the throttle. There's a light chirp as tires scratch for bite. Then comes a sub-5.0-second sled ride to 60 mph. A tick over 13.0 sec. and you're through the quarter-mile. It's a rush, of course, but not overly dramatic. Try the same thing with this pair's predecessors of 1970 or so and you'll find yourself in a bit of a wrestling match. Ain't progress wonderful? Maybe yes, and maybe sometimes it's fun to wrestle."
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