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Originally Posted by Firebreed View Post
Besides the rust, that digital dash as they called it (Or star-wars dash haha) Is near impossable to find/replace nowadays. I had an 83 Berli that i was restoring before it was wrecked and i had the same issues that you will pop up with. I'm all for restoring the Berlinetta's cause you just don't see them around anymore, but I would honestly pay like 100 bucks for the thing, part it out then sell the rest of the body to the scrap pile. Also Good luck finding the stock rims.... I know theres a Junkyard in the central valley of california where my old berlinetta is rusting away :( that has the stockers on them.... that is if its still there.
all the digital dash still work in the car, the outside looks a lot worse of then the inside, he also has the stock rims that come with it.
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