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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
Solomon would've lost that bet Kurt LOL! Not bad over the weekend though 6-2, Saturday killed me with Pack & Broncos going down, I knew I should've gone with my gut on Ravens, I love Ray Lewis and hope he goes out a Champion! But made up for it today, hitting all 4 Overs on the Totals on all 4 games & Atlanta+4 & Over in a teaser & I wound up taking Tim's Seahawks +3 and they ALMOST pulled it off, I was pulling for them. What a great game!! I know that's probably all Greek language to you amigo, but I certainly don't depend on that money for a ZR1, that's just play money

Why is it Dyno's break when my car is there??? The Dyno at CMS is broke and Ryne's 99% done with my car, but just needs to fine tune it and then road test it. I'm hoping to have it back by Tuesday or Wednesday
We all know what John does for a living, he mods his car. I don't think he has time for a regular day job, or part time job for that matter.
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