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Serious problem with GM Dealer Service

Here is how it starts. I have a 2012 45th anniversary ss. I treat this car like a queen and am downright foolish about parking in remote areas so some nimrod in a beater doesn't ding it or get too close. I wash it weekly and am as intimate with the body of this car as I am my wife's. I started having problems with the service tire sensor light coming on. First time I immediately took it to the nearest dealer not sure what the problem was and wanting to be diligent about addressing issues before they got worse. They relearned the sensors and while they install nitrogen. Within a day it started showing the same error. I took it right back and they relearned it again. Over the holidays it came on nearly daily with no rhyme or reason. It might be first thing upon cranking, after 30 minutes of driving, warm days or cold. I took it back this week and they shop foreman stated he needed to drive it with his laptop in the call to delve deeper, but he forgot to charge it and asked I bring it back and drop it off. I did so and they called later stating the left rear sensor was stuck in learn mode so they replaced it. I drove home and parked it the yard. The light did not come on during my trip home. I was happy thinking the issue was resolved. The next day the weather in eastern NC was perfect for a wash and detail. As I made my way to the side that the bad sensor was on I found huge scratches down to the metal. ....I can assure you that was not there previously. I continued cleaning at a low boil. I the began cleaning the rims and found all four rims had terrible scratches in the finish. Now I am at a slightly lower temperature than the face of the sun. Finally i am wiping down the inside of the door sills and see the door sill plate is bent up and peeled away. I spent a great deal of money for this car and treat her like a queen. Now to top it off as I drove to lunch with my wife that damn service tire sensor light came on again. I am now thermonuclear. I am going back to the dealer tomorrow expecting four new rims, a repaint of the damaged area, a replacement sill plate and it wouldn't hurt to throw in some 45th anniversary floor mats to make it up to me. They had to have noticed the scratch, damaged rims, and sill plate, but never said a word. Is this the expected level of service on a $45,000 car? I would have been upset if they discussed this with me when I picked it up if they had admitted the mistakes and offered to make it right, but they merely let me drive off to discover on my own. This has to be the poorest customer service ever.

Kevin Harris
Wilson, NC
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