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Originally Posted by kickasswelch69 View Post
You've both gone f*ckin nutters. J, Your car is worth more than that stingray. Think of all the time you put into it!!!!! You wont be able to do that much with the vette! And on top of that, your camaro would eat that vette for lunch, shit it out and still be hungry for more. America needs your camaro to show that the mustang has no hope as long as its around.
You're the man Welch!! I know my car's faster than the new Stingray, shit it's faster than a ZR1, but think of all the fun I could have modding that engine! Ryne of Cunningham Motorsports has an allocation as well and he's the one doing the work on my car & a Vette Guru, so once these companies like Maggie, Henny, etc..start making blowers for the new Vettes, I can bring it up to the same level. Back in 89, I had an 89 Vette and that car was awesome, just always been a Vette & Camaro lover. Who know's the Stingray won't be released until probably Sept or Oct, so maybe I'll keep both. I really don't have to sell it to get the Vette, but then I'd have my lifted Hoe, and those 2 beasts...ahh decisions

Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Im with you, but only because I get really jealous of people talking about buying the new vette haha.

Ill be having kids in the next 4-5 years so ill have to have something with a back seat. So a corvette is a long ways out for me, unless my business really takes off and I have enough lying around to buy an extra car lol.
I'm too selfish for kids It takes a lot of money to raise children in todays world, I prefer dogs I sure hope your business takes off bro, all the best to you!!

From what I heard from CMS, today's Dyno day and I should be able to get the car tomorrow or Thursday.....Stay tuned!

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