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If I had time for a new engine, I'd have taken the hard stance, but I couldn't wait for it. Not with a new job to start.

We made the trip safely to the east coast, all 2,100 miles of it through snow and absolutely pouring rain. It's amazing what a day late resulted in for travel.

I am, though, hearing a "whoomp, whoomp, whoomp," sounds that gets fast and slower as I accelerate and decelerate now that wasn't there before all the repairs. It doesn't sound like its coming from under the hood though, like maybe it's the tires? They're all balanced, I checked that. I can't imagine it would be the hubs when I noticed it at under 27,000 miles.

It is time to get new tires, but I can't imagine tread wear would do it.

Any thoughts guys? I've heard the timing belt could make a similar sound but the car runs fine and I don't feel any vibrations or anything or get a light. They did completely take the engine apart so it does have me worried. But again, we did drive 2,100 miles with no issues.
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