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Betraying my age here, I was back in high school when the Camaro was discontinued, and I was very upset because, ever since my dad had one (and sold it ), I had always wanted a Camaro. And though I never wrote a letter to GM (I figured an automotive giant would not exactly give an ear to the begging of a kid who barely had his driver's license) I like to think that those of us who desperately WANTED the Camaro's return were included in the faithful, if only by legacy.

Things I loved about the interview:
- Unadulterated metaphorical bitch slap to Ford ("BRING IT ON, PONY BOY!") :middlefinger:
- Barely giving Hyundai the time of day, only technically calling it "competition." They aren't gunning for the ricer market that much anyway
- 70%-75% finished and the engineers are still busy? I can only wonder and dream
- Basically telling people the truth, that the Chally is nothing more than non-updated sheet metal on a 300 platform
- Sweating the details! It will be worth the wait, and worth the "premium"

Thanks fbodfather. Here's to you

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