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Originally Posted by Hall of Fame View Post
That is a very general statement noboby pays retail. Sounds like you want a very nice car for wholesale or a super deal .It is possible in this market but not realistic. Usually folks that have collector , nice cars are not in any of those positions. Remember you PMd me about my car per a statement on a thread it would possibly be for sale in the spring since I bought the vert. You are not correct my car is priced to high. However when the 900 mile one is sold, it will assist mine in selling, or the buyer won't want it for some options it has or doesn't have and buy mine. Cars with low mileage are collectors not drivers. Collectors bring more money. If you want a driver with say 75 to 80 thousand mile they will be much cheaper. Their condition will also not be anything as nice of course. As I stated in my PM, you cannot restore mileage and low mileage cars will bring more. Since you stated you have a couple of other vehicles and can afford anything you want, that is wonderful, buy what you want and happy hunting. Of course I would like for you to take a trip to a GM dealer when the new Corvette C7 comes out. Ask the dealers how many are going to be sold under retail, or go to a classic car auction, see how many cars go thru under retail. They go for fair market value or retail. If I can be of assistance on the east coast to help you find one or verify the conditon of your new purchase of one PM me. Good luck in your chase.
Don't recall asking you for your 2cents , nor did I ask for your opinion.I purchased the one w/ 915 miles for $17k
, Also where do you get this high mileage statement you keep throwing out there? Is this your defense to me saying your price is too high? I proved it to be true and bought a much nicer car w/ 900 miles for $3k less. Sorry if your offended by that but no need to insult me and say I need a 75-80k miles car because I wont pay your above market price
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