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Originally Posted by rtcat600man View Post
The covers look AWESOME. Thanks for the tips on the painting them with engine primer first.

As for the bolts, paint them black? Then just touch them up as necessary after the install. Might not even notice them once they are back on the engine.
Thanks! I am so happy on how they came out! Painting the bolts is a good idea. I'll have to try it out and see how it goes, if all goes well I will prob end up painting my tb bolts as well.

Originally Posted by ssmike View Post
Covers look great! Can't wait to see them on the engine! I agree with 600man, paint them black and touch up after install.

edit: I forgot to ask, how was the cruise?
Thanks! The cruise was great it was nice getting away for awhile. Although I heard this past saturday/sunday it was really nice Upstate haha.
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