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One last update my wheel came in today, I have an appointment to have it installed tomorrow. The roads still have a fair amount of salt on them, I'm not crazy about taking it out tomorrow but the weather is going to be near 50 and I can wash the car. The dealer did the best they could, they can't force GM to send them a wheel, my opinion of GM has changed I think they have a disconnect with the customers after the sale.

When new cars are being deliver to dealers with the wheels on the cars it hard to say there are none available, when I talked to them this week I basically to them to f... off, didn't want to hear their excuses anymore, it sounded like bla bla bla but 3 days later my wheel showed up.

I feel fortunate that has been my only problem, I read about a few people having more serious problems, wish you guys the best of luck. I still love the car just not GM so much.
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