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Thank You I did go. I did enjoy it. We left the house with 2 cars but my wife turned around in Tuxedo NY because it started to drizzle,

It drizzled the entire way up,I had to pull over to put the top up.I was taking on water the entire trip up the the top header bar seal ( I guess I am going to have to adjust it)

Buy the time I pulled into the show lot it was a full fledge rain and I stayed at the show only to get my free lunch, I went into to talk to the folks about a Black Camaro I had allready spoke to Someone about last week but it was sold.

2 weeks ago I called and offered to purchase a HHR for me to use as a work vechicle and the Camaro at MSRP. I should have went up last week in person to show I was serious but I figured I would make a deal at the show thinking you always make a better deal at the end of the month as the average dealership allways gets more agresive trying to meet there sales goals and figuring who would pay the crazy adder they were asking. I guess somebody did.

Allthough I am really disapointed I cant find a Camaro at or below MSRP thinking that the There were over 48,800 people looking for work in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam during the month of May thats almost a 7% joblessness rate and Junes numbers are exspected to be worse.I dont want to talk bad or ill of the dealership as they are doing a great thing hosting the event and I hope to go again next year. but I am kinda shocked they would not take the offer of selling 2 cars just to get one at MSRP.

I am hopeing to go to the GM nationals in Carlilse .I completed my 62 in 2005 and have always wanted to bring it to rhinebeck but never have.Maybee this fall

There were a total of 3 2010 Camaros at the show.
This one was dropped off by healy brothers I guess to allow folks to sit in it. Had a coffe cup in it and what looked like cigerette ashs in the othe cup holder with there phone number in vynl letter across the back and front glass

This one

This would be my dream car ,It was perfect It also had a baby seat in the back, How great is that the next generation of kids riding in Moms or Dads Muscle car allreay .It reminds me of when my kids were infants back in 1995 going to cars shows in my 1970 Mustang Mach I. I always wondered why they allways fell asleep on the way to the shows, it wasnt untill my wife took a ride in the back seat did we realize exchaust gases were getting into the car.

And the last one was a Yellow V6

I did get to speak to allot of folks,it was interesting that not everyone likes the new style camaro, they described it as too futureristic one guy actually said cartoonish like a Muscle Machine I think its dead on perfect, Actually if I coule change one thing it would be to make the mouth of the trunk larger The trunk is big enough but the entrance seams tight

Speak to you soon

Did anybody else go
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