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Why not disclose that you were unaware of its condition or note that it had been beaten with a hammer? Pics have been added to the first post. Doomsjayjesus081 seemed confident he could make the part work, which he did, but the headache was not worth the discounted price over new.
And I did tell you that the part was not up to par, but you're only response was your confusion as to how it could've been installed backwards. In my experience, it is tough to get PayPal on your side in a claim if only disputing a detail, such as how "used" an item is, and I had already waited the 2 weeks it took you to send it, the week that it got held up in the USPS system, and finally finding time with 2 of my car club guys to get this going I did not have the patience to see if you would be understanding enough to take back an item that you were obviously unaware of the condition of.
The intent of this thread was buyer beware, not flame you. Even had I requested the return, an you accepted, I would say you would've deserved a negative feedback based on the nuisance of not shipping in a reasonably quick amount of time and not disclosing important details, just referencing a link that you clearly never checked the parts list of.
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