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Originally Posted by RED DEMON SS View Post
So how was your vacation??
Obviously the ship didn't sink!
O man it was interesting lol. Swam with a dolphin, rode a horse. While horseback riding my friend got kicked in the leg by my horse and broke their tibia. And of course this happened in Jamaica so we had to go to a doctor's office so they could get 4 stitches and a cast. Luckily everything was free the antibiotics, x-ray everything lol but man that put a damper in the vaca. The only positive thing was this was towards the end of the trip so we didn't miss any other islands but man the last two days were horrible. Another good thing is we got refunded for horseback riding but it is safe to say I won't be going on a horse ever again. Yet despite this I still had a good time and it was really nice getting away from school, work and winter.
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