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Originally Posted by navyflyer72 View Post
This whole merger thing has been a crock. I have 2 Sirius subscriptions (mine and my wife's), mine is a lifetime subscription, so I no longer have a monthly fee. (This is one of the reasons that I want to get Sirius in my Camaro). The other reason is because I got Sirius for Howard Stern.

I really think we should petition Sirius/XM and GM and get them to develop a plug-n-play converter box for GM so that we (the loyal GM and Sirius fans that we are) can enjoy the best of both worlds (Auto and Audio) without having to chop up our brand new Camaro's to duct-tape, velcro, screw radios all over the cockpit! Not to mention the antenna issue, my understanding is that the XM antenna factory installed on the Camaro is not compatible with the Sirius signal... hmmm.

I will start the petition if people are interested, hey mods, can we make this a poll?

They do make antenna adaptors to use the XM antenna with the siruis box on cars that they offer the converters for. Maybe they will still offer the converter eventually.....
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