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I didnt ever notice it being hit with a hammer. Actually the stick was still bolted together until I went to package it for shipping, at that point I took the handle off the shifter assy. I don't think it was in unacceptable condition due to the fact that it is a working piece. It WAS missing screws, for the shifter assy and you let me know that. I do admit, I overlooked that they were hurst specific. 2 screws missing, and it has some wear and tear. Its used, and obviously still getting used. Negative feedback works both ways, you sat on the part for a while, then installed it even though you werent pleased with its appearance. Thats not my fault that YOU did not try to resolve your concerns with me. Yes the shifter has some marks, and dings, nothing in a place where it is seen, and nothing that effects its funtion.

Maybe next time, you should try to communicate with the seller and try to resolve something before complaining. You clearly and admittingly did nothing to try to resolve this prior to posting this thread. Hell, I even had to keep harping for you to post pics before you did.

Thanks for the pics, hope you like the shifter, I'm done here, you'll recieve your feedback shortly as I tried to wait on a moderator and pics before doing so.
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