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The part where the missing screws attach the shifter to my car was warped, due to being hit with a hammer. The "ears" were no longer on a level plane in order to easily line it up properly in my vehicle, which caused much extra time and elbow grease to properly install the shifter. As its a transmission item, cosmetically, condition does not matter. However, when the condition is such that it makes installation more difficult or such that it shows improper installation on a prior vehicle, it makes your item not in typical "used" condition. I contacted you, letting you know I was unhappy before this popped up, but other that warn others of your sketchy selling techniques, I had very little else I was going to do once I had the part installed.
PS: you keep forgetting that I asked if the OEM knob adapter was included, and you sent me the hurst link with an item list PDF showing that the oem knob adapter stick was included, but it was not included.
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