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Originally Posted by Sgt Rock View Post
looks awsome with rockers and splitter
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Originally Posted by zebra View Post
well if'n it makes you feel any better, Eve's been strapped to a trailer for 2 weeks straight now. even now that we've moved into the house up here, i ended up just spraying all the blizzard crap off at a car warsh & then backed the whole trailer/car combo into the garage & that's where it's just gonna have to sit for a little while :(

i just unbolted the fender to get the door open & unload our crap from it. one of these days, i might get around to taking the car off.

A week w/out the SS was actually very weird. I drive the car nearly every day.....might sit on a day off since we are all together and usually take the SUV. But, that was ... different. I enjoyed doing the brakes...taking everything apart. But I just HATE having to wait on parts! least Eve is safe from the blizzard crap and is nicely tucked away. No more miles going on it right now, lol
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