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Originally Posted by RayTheRat View Post
This is a great build diary, man! I swore I was gonna keep my 2010 2SSRS stock (well, the way I bought it)...but since I seem to be a charter member of the "Can't Keep Nothin Stock" club...well, this sent me to Summit's web site where I'm in the middle of ordering stuff.

I'm also in the middle of making arrangements for some serious pinstriping at the Rat Fink Reunion at the end of May. I guess I'm already down the road to ruin, so to speak.

Question for ya, dcarlo. I'm a salt flats racer and not a drag racer (I'll be running the Camaro in the 130 mph class and my Monte Carlo in the 150 mph class in September.) What do you think is the most effective/worthwhile modification you've made. I guess I otta add that it already had an SLP CAI and Catback and I'm real happy with those and I'm ordering a short throw shifter today.

So if ya got any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it.

The easiest and best mod so far is a cold air intake/scoop combo and headers. Let is breath and it will wake up bigtime. The header install on this car is the easiest I've ever done.

The best mod for me is the one that goes in next week. Putting in a truetrac with the 1LE 3.91 gear. I dropped the gear, the truetrac and a case off last week to get built. I expect to have it in the car Monday.
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