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Tried each and every one of those combos last night... wish I had time to complile all the numbers... maybe this evening...

The winner was S Mode... Competitive Mode... No paddle shifters although others like to have everything off.

Reasons were with T/C off I got wheel spin once off the line and another time using tap shift from 1st to 2nd. When I had T/C off and got no wheel spin I ran the exact same time as with T/C on. (so I prefer to be safe and leave it on - comp mode)

Tap shift will take lots of practice becuse it's soooo slow to react. You have to anticipate the tap so it can really screw up a a good run (but save your motor...) I gained nothing using it during a perfect run except for a chance to shift late and lose time.

One more note... it's easier to have everything off when coming to the line... That way you can do a burnout and just pull up to the line rather than stop to double tap back to comp mode. I still prefer Comp mode
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