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I think ur post is very confusing. There is no stabilitrak mode.

1) Normal driving mode ( tc and stabilitrak on)
2) TC off mode ( tc off, stabilitrak fully on), press TC button once
3) Competitive mode on (tc off, stabilitrak in competition mode), press TC button twice.
4) Everything off ( tc off, stabilitrak off), press TC button and hold until two yellow tell tales on speed gauge show off, one tc off and one squrly car tracks for stabilitrak off. Center cluster will state stabilitrak off too.

Modes 3 and 4 change steering ratio/effort. I love the mode 3 steering and drive with that most of the time, 4 is even better but I dont use it in the colder temps for the street.

Mode 3 also allows launch control.

Also, not sure I would call them "ride modes". Ride is used to describe vertical vehicle control and exists on electric dampening systems like MR and the two mode Shelby, Viper etc. We dont have ride modes on the 1LE, maybe driver modes?
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