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Originally Posted by CWI View Post
I finally got it out. I have continuity to the bottom of the seat. Found the problem after I remove the entire bottom cushion. It's in the back cushion damn it. Live and learn. I've done more work on this car than I did on any in the 70's and that was a lot.

Anyway, the pink wire was broken a little more than an inch from the heat element. Hope I don't have to do this again. It's like the rear deck, a bitch the first time and easy after that. Should be good to go once make the splice and put it all back together.

Your writeups definately helped, thanks.
I guess taking the seat out was easy for me.... since I have had the seats out of the car several times now. I took it out once for extra cargo space, another time to clean under it, and even once to race it (it weighs ~50 lb).

From reading everyone's problems with it, it's always the back cushion on the driver side...and it is always just an inch or 2 from the element.
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