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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
It is far, but im going this year. Missed it last year and I hated looking at all the pictures. The cruise up there looks like the best part to me haha.

Ive been telling them they need to have one down here at our track in New Orleans, its a world class track and close to Texas and Florida, where C5 has tons of members.

But a ton of the people on here are from the West Coast too. They should just have it circulate between the North-ish, South, and West each year.
Yea i know what you mean its not that far from you but its a good 2 day drive from me so thats why and then I have to take off a ton of work and i just cant swing it, the circulation thing is a great idea that should be brought up. But on another note man youre going to have a blast going this year I hope its a fun one and you have to take a ton of pics haha
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