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Originally Posted by 416Camaro View Post
I got my car back today, the technician said there were about eleven codes that came up on their screen; he didnt tell me which ones before he cleared them. All the fluids were fine and not running low or anything. After clearing the codes the technician drove around for over twenty minutes highway/city to see if the light/message would turn back on. Meanwhile I was on the way with the OEM intake, He had asked me to bring it in. When I got to the dealership the car was running fine he just needed to clear the codes so the cooling fan stopped running and all the gauges were working again. There was no need to change the stock intake back. I was surprised. I took the car for an oil change used Castrol syntec left a quart out, and put a throwback blend for any car no matter how much mileage is on the car, duralube; so the car would stay cool. On my way home my CEL turned back on, but no a/c off due to engine temp message was displayed. Am convinced I have a defected intake, something is not right with the actual OEM MAF sensor or my car needs to be tuned.
once you get long tubes, you need to be tuned to turn off the rear O2 sensors...that's probably the code you are getting...I went almost 6 months with mine on before I got a tune...I just stopped in once a week at the local auto parts store to check the codes to back sure there were no other codes since the light was always on
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