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The quality control and the customer service of GM is a joke! Car ran dry on oil twice. Motor made all kinds of racket. Dealer finally changed the oil pump. Then they say there is no damage to the engine even though it was ran without oil. They have no way of telling this. They refuse to check it or to extend the warranty on the motor. There is no way I will put 100k miles on this car within the 5 year powertrain warranty. I have 12k miles on my car now and will have maybe 40k miles at the 5 year warranty mark. I bought this car to pass down to my son when he turns 18 in 10 years but now it seems its getting traded in and I will never touch another GM vehicle. My wife has owned Honda cars for the last 10 years and rarely did anything go wrong, but when they did, Honda STOOD BY their warranty and quickly came up with a solution. When these cars first came out, I had my eyes on them and saved up for 2 years to get one. What a disappointment.
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