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Originally Posted by Dinosoar View Post
This is great news. One reason I love the Mustang is the AFTERMARKET!!! It's just awesome. I don't know about the Camaro, so that's another unknown variable for me. I know stuff is out there, but how much I just don't know. I still gotta get a magazine dealing with GM or Camaro tuning. Any recommendations?
The only magazine that comes to mind is "Camaro Performers", which started out heavily oriented toward corner-carving. Lately, though, there has been considerably more drag racing content.

I think you'll find a lot of knowledge right here on in the various Technical Camaro Topics (toward the bottom of the section list). There's also a "Performance Drivers" social group (that I wish was a little busier).

I don't know if either you or Mr. W is into autocrossing, but word in the FasTrack notice I just got this morning from SCCA is that the 1LE Camaros will run in
F Stock against the non-Boss Mustang GTs.

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