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Originally Posted by babyjulie83 View Post
Ok so today was the first time I washed my did not go well. I bought everything I thought I would need to hand wash it. I have never hand washed a car before so I tried to read up on it a bit.

First I hosed down the car to just remove any dirt that I could....didn't use any kind of sprayer.....just normal water hose stream.

Then I put a little big of Meguair's gold class car wash soap in a bucket and added water. I used a microfiber mit to wash the car. I washed it in sections so I could get that section dry before any water spots.

I rinsed off the soapy area and then attempted to dry it with a shammy (i'm sure this isnt' the correct spelling but it'll work). Ok so I had trouble with the shammy. I did wet it first and wring it out....then I place it on the car and pulled it towards me......lots of water was left behind...which quickly turned into water spots. I tried to wring out the shammy more and tried again...still streaks of water left behind. I finally got pissed and just used my microfiber towels to dry the car. I started from the very top and worked my way down.

I noticed a little scratch on her drivers side 'hip'.....i'm sure this scratch is my fault from my failed attempt at hand washing the car.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I'm so frustrated and I don't want to cause anymore damage. It's pretty obvious I do not know much about cars....I just know that I love them. I love the Camaro's sporty lines and the power of my V8 but beyond that i'm clueless. I really want to learn how to take care of my Camaro so it lives long beyond it's golden years....please help!
BabyJulie I feel your pain and completely understand. Take a look at this link. It should have everything you want to know about how to wash a car. BTW I use this stuff and its great and smells good too.

Just click on the link and watch the videos on you computer.
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