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Originally Posted by Gibroni View Post
If you're never going to autocross is it still worth getting the 1LE option?
In a word yes. The 1LE performance package is a MUST for the LS3 equipped SS Camaro.

Better transmission (comes with cooler) and short throw shifter, better half shafts, better fuel pump and additional pick ups, better final drive gearing, better wheels and tires, better end links and wheel bearings, better front and rear stabilizer bars, front splitter and rear spoiler designed to produce down force, better steering wheel. Sure I am forgetting something

The 1LE is also a half second faster to 60 and in the quarter.

For 3500 dollars?! Best performance deal ever!!

I like the ride quality, the improved damping absorbs the bumps without transmitting them through the body too much. The FE6 is a better ride than my 2011.

Originally Posted by Ryne @ CMS View Post
i just received my 1le and its vastly better then a regular ss, definitely get a 1le
Congratz on the new ride!!
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