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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post

12.9 for a 2010 SS

That 12.7 is a good number, no argument there. But to pick up 1/2 of a second in the quarter, much less 0 to 60, requires more than the difference the tires make. Probably most of that difference is in the stickier tires and a couple pounds less of unsprung weight. I would like to see back to back 60 foot times by the same driver in both an SS and a 1LE.

I know the gearing is different, but with the transmission changes the overall gearing is roughly the same. And both the SS and 1LE will benefit from the optional exhaust and electric power steering.
I'd like to see a heads up comparison as well. The gearing on paper is close but I tell you this car drives way different than the 2011 SS I had.. It feels quicker and is.

I also think that there is less parasitic loss through this drivetrain. I have nothing but a gut feeling to base that on. There is no hesitation when you mash the peddle.

Fun times to be into cars for sure!
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