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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Dang that sucks! Keep your fingers crossed.

BTW DANG!! Your up late!
yea it sucks but wuteva tho...still have my june 29th tpw...but my car coulda been built already...aslong as it get built the end of the month and delivered b4 my birthday july 27th ill still be very happy...o and yea i wasnt tired cuz i woke up 3pm home on break from work now...only 4 hours sleep but i feel fine

Originally Posted by Restroom View Post
Didn't someone do ABM with IOM stripes? I could have sworn I saw it, now I can't find the pics. Shoot me a PM if it disappeared or something.
i didnt hear anything about that...but i know some1 got imperial blue stripes on an iom car...that may be what your tinking of
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