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Originally Posted by geminidreams View Post
I ordered the Aqua with black leather interior. I am going with the RS package and the wheels so I was thinking that I would add the Black rally stripes. But now that I have seen some of them with the silver stripes that looks awesome. Now the RS rims are a silver do you think that would look ok?
Originally Posted by Woo Woo! View Post
I was going to do the black stripes as well, but after seeing some of the photos of members without stripes, i'm going to wait and see if i still want them.
Originally Posted by NightmareSS View Post
well if you ordered in may you can get ur car anytime...when you order means shit...its all about when your dealer can put in your order...and black dying to see this but im with u on the waiting...i dont even know if i want stripes anymore...every1 has stripes
Didn't you guys see these?

I can't post the pics cuz it won't let me from work (I can't even see them). So if someone wants to attach them to this thread, go ahead!
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