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I hated that the stock power outlet only worked with the key on. So, I fixed it. I added a new wire and tied it into the fuse block with an add a fuse.

Finally, I decided she needed some fun stuff. It's a daily driver and I didn't want to get carried away. I picked up the Dynomax VT system, which I price matched down to $388 shipped at Jegs, and added a CAI kit with scoop and bottle relocator, and a VMax throttle body. Around the tail end of December 2012 I started ordering everything.

Throttle bodies. Stock right, Vmax left.

New exhaust!

Cut off the old trash cans.

Yay for having real exhaust tips and mufflers. Sounds great too.

Here is a video of the exhaust. Full throttle start, half throttle pass, and a cruising pass.

Under the hood as of January 19th, 2012.

And outside (again, as of 1/19/2012).

Oh, and here she is with her distant third cousin. My '93 step side (LS Swapped!). For when I need a truck.

That's it for now guys. Just a tame little daily driver. More to come in time.
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