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Originally Posted by wyd_trkr View Post
No problem, as we both are in the same boat as well as horsepower is concerned, as I have basically the same mods as you do, as to why I asked if you did a baseline dyno , before adding the exhaust, tb, cold air kit. As for the IPF tunes, I was a little bit disappointed, as I tried one long enough to go to the Dyno and it only did 265 rwhp and 241 ft. lb torque a week ago. Since then, I had the tune removed and the car now runs like a bear! The car has a noticeable difference in the stock tune, verses the IPF tune and in addition to that, my car lost 5 mpg on the highway and 3 mpg intown driving with the IPF tune for my 2012 Camaro RS with the LFX Engine. Best part is with my stock tune, the mileage is back with my running 87 octane , verses the 93 octane is was running in the car for well over a week before and after the dyno session.

People need to understand that by installing a Off the Shelf Tune and sold to every car enthusiast in the country does not work as good as it would in the area the Altitude - Ambient Temperatures were at that time the tune was written and installed into their test vehicle. Major differences in Altitude and Ambient Temperatures come into play when you write a tune at say 5000 ft above sea level and then someone buys and install that tune at an "0" ft above sea level area.

Regardless, there is nothing better than a Live Dyno Tune Session where you live, or at least, buy a Handheld Tuner from an aftermarket Tuning company that has files from people in your area to download into that Handheld Programable Tuner before you buy it!

Not to many people know of this process which is available, as I have been into this area for over the past 15 years and believe me it works! FWIW, if the IPF Tune was written especially for my car, it would have easily made a minimum of 15 to 20 more horsepower on the Dyno for it being a Stock LFX V6 with just an Axleback Exhaust and a K&N Typhoon Intake System!

My car alone should easily make 280 rwhp on the dyno and with a tune, it should no doubt be very close to 300 rwhp! Here in the very near future I am going to get a Live Dyno Tune with either EFI Live, or HP Tuners by an experienced Tuner to achieve the results I will be satisfied with, without installing a Turbo or Supercharger kit on my car.
I agree that a dyno tune is the best way to go, but dang sounds like your experience with the IPF tune was horrible.

You lost power and significant MPGs?? Just curious, but did you even work with them to correct it? Also you said a tune written for a test car at a certain altitude and temp may not work for another car at a different location...which is correct, but I was told by IPF and an IPF dealer that they ask for your location and altitude before writing the tune for that makes no sense.

Not arguing with you, but it seems like something just wasn't right in this case.
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