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I wasn't sure if I should start a separate thread on this concern. I just picked up my Camaro today and love it so far. The one problem I've noticed is with the 'panel' _around_ the 4-gagues cluster, launch control, and cigarette power plug.

So I'm still using my portable GPS until I can get comfortable with On* and it's voice interface... When I went to pull out the power adapter, the cigarette lighter and the gray case/panel which frames the launch control, cig lighter, and 4 gagues almost separated from the rest of the center console. I pushed it back down fine, but noticed that that hole piece of plastic seems very flimsy. I was able to push on it and it would give about 1/8th of an inch on any flat surface. My (bad) impression is two-fold:

1) the plastic for this portion of the center arm rest/console feels very flimsy
2) that it actuall almost separated from the rest f the console.

I fully intend to take it to a dealership to have it looked at, unfortunately I HAVE to drive all day tomorrow to get back to work. So it's something that'll have to wait. Until then I'll try not to un-plug stuff from that cig lighter.

...Some constructive feedback for Chevy is all I'm saying...
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