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IPS "Entry Level" Twin-Turbo Kit

We are still in the testing-stages right now but here are a few pics:

The goal for this kit is simple: Chop a considerable amount of cost from our current kit without sacrificing reliability or longevity at all. To that end 90% of the components are the exact same (Including the Tial WG's and BOV and 4" FMIC) with the big change being the turbos. They are still 100% genuine Garrett, but not billet or ball-bearing which saves a good deal of money. The A/R is smaller at .82 but we are still testing to find out what effect this will have on "Bolt-on" applications. The other necessary change based on turbos was the use of T3 flanges and 2.5" downpipes. Obviously this kit will not prove capable of making the "Big power" numbers our existing kit does right out of the box but we think for those looking for a simple bolt-on kit capable of making 600+ whp it will fill a nice role in our offerings.

Mark (Carlyle) was kind enough to "Donate" his car for testing and thus far in 2 pulls we have made 560rwhp and 565 ft/lbs through the stock Auto on his bone-stock car. Injectors are being upgraded and we will get final #s today or tomorrow.

We are still crunching numbers but the "Goal" price for the kit is $5995 if everything works as it does on paper. Once we have this confirmed the kit will be added to the website and available for ordering
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