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Originally Posted by TH SS Vert View Post
This will make for an awesome entry kit--especially for that price. How much boost were you pushing to make that power on Mark's car? Also, is it possible to upgrade to the ball bearing/billet turbos in the future without many problems or fabrication? I'm hoping to be over at your shop with my car within the next month or two getting a kit installed!
It was pretty abbreviated (All of 2 pulls) because we were curious what it might be able to make on 100% stock injectors. With injectors in it today we plan on running 8-9psi like we did before to see a true apples-to-apples comparison to his "Old" GT3586 kit that we will then be putting back on and doing a final tune.

Our hunch is that it is going to be pretty close in terms of power and a little better response at the sub 10psi boost level.
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