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Originally Posted by FastRaceCars View Post
Thanks for posting this. The person who owns/uploaded the pictures can use them as they see fit and upload to as many sites as they want. That being said, I do reserve the right to use the pictures as I see fit also.

There are other royalty-based photo sharing sites for photographers where you have to agree to not publish the picture anywhere else, etc. However, my site is not one of them, and I do not sell the pictures. They are resized, watermarked with the website name, and displayed on the site for others to enjoy.

The site makes money from people clicking on the google ads just like millions of other sites out there. What seperates my site from others is that I'm giving back most of it to the community that makes the site grow (i.e. anyone that uploads pictures).

Advertisers spend billions of dollars per year, and popular sites like Facebook, etc. cash in on this without giving any of it back to the people that make them wealthy. I've never been able to find any popular website that shares their success in a meaningful way with the people/users that made them successful. Even the sites that do share a little bit think they are doing you a favor by giving you a tiny percentage of what your "content" ultimately earns them and that really frustrates me.

If anyone thinks their pictures are worth lots of money, I'd highly recommend not uploading them to any website. Otherwise, uploading them to my website is the best deal on the internet that I know of by a long shot. In December, $109.98 was paid out in profit sharing across roughly 1,250 pictures. Each picture on the site was worth roughly 11.3 cents that month. If you had 9-10 or more pictures on the site (under 1 email address), you would have received a payment. Hope this helps.

If anyone still has questions, please feel free to ask here. I will do my best to answer anything I can.
Thank you for not being offended. In reality my post helps you as well as anyone who uploads. Information can prevent a lot of hassle later for all involved.
It's a Dingledarm. It's there to dampen side fumbling. If your marzelvanes fumble too much they can cause total protonic reversal. It gets ugly from there. This is really the biggest problem with the new Camaro. That and the tri-pronged blivot.

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