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Originally Posted by Bucci View Post

How reliable will a system like this be over time?

Could it be considered for a daily driver?
Very. That is why we still sourced 110% genuine Garrett turbos. Sourcing something direct from China is cheap and easy but the reliability factor just isn't there. WG's and BOV are still Tial which is as good as it gets. The rest of the kit we have had on numerous cars and tested for a few years now. Some are almost 1200rwhp weekend-warriors and some are 600rwhp daily-drivers that still get tracked a few times a year.

I wouldn't hesitate for a second to use this kit on a true daily-driver aside from maybe the decrease in fuel economy due to it being too hard to stay out of boost Hearing the turbos spooling and BOV popping is too much for most people to resist
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