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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
Well paint I can understand, but the engine build after you spent all that money sending to SLP the first time. Now I know I have NO ROOM to talk because when I add up my receipts it makes me sick at the money I've spent and if I could do it all over....well that's another story. And by no means don't take my comment negatively, we all do what makes us happy.

And you better add Differential to that list with the axles.
No worries man, I like all comments. I totally understand what you are saying. All of my initial ZL600 components and even some of my other mods outside of that are actually part of this build. I'm not paying the premium price for this upgrade. I wouldn't have done it if that were the case. I'm basically getting the additional components of the 770 package that I don't have. all of which is at at a nicely discounted rate since I'm a ZL owner. So it truly is an "upgrade". Also my playing field is a bit wider now.

Yes, I'm absolutely getting a built diff to go with this build!

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