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Arrow Black Beauty's Build . One man's dream one car's destiny [COTW 4/1/13]

Black Beauty's, story begins in an emergency room at 2:30 a.m on a sunday morning in september, 2008. I just had surgery a week before, and experienced complications, by the time we arrived in the emergency room I had lost half the blood volume in my body, and had to have a blood transfusion. As I lay there not knowing at the time if I would walk out of there. I thought of the one dream I've had in my heart since I was a 19 year old kid of having an award winning street driven show car. The year was 1987, and I was in the Navy when I received the call my father had passed away with heart problems. We had planned on buying a car, and restoring it together when I got out. I had one year left. I still bought a car a 1969 camaro, and planned on restoring it in honor of my father. The car is currently under construction now, and will be Black Beauty's Beast. Where my dream takes an amazing turn is the next month when we are at a local Chevrolet dealer on October 13, 2008, and ordering a black 2010 Camaro SS for my wife, who has always loved my 69 camaro we had bought 1 month after we were married in 1988. We had been talking about this car since Chevrolet started talking about creating a new camaro based off the 69 camaro. There couldn't have been a more perfect first brand new car for my bride of 20 years. We received the vin. number, and was surprised we would have number 1772 off the assembly line. We had our first permagrin. My wife talked with me and said, knowing it would still be a few years before my old camaro would be completed, why not use her awesome car, and modify it, and go for my dream now, and do this together. I was overwelmed, and felt a peace in my heart I hadn't felt since I lost my father. On June 18, 2009 her new camaro rolled off the car transporter. My wife signed all the papers, was handed the keys, and became the owner of the Camaro that would become known as Black Beauty, and my dream of having an award winning show car began..... We were able to uncover the car ourselves, and our first mods were installed before we left the lot.... BBEAUTY personalized plate, and three ss emblems, one on each fender, and one on the passenger side dash old school style locations. We left the dealership, and had the windows tinted all on the same day.
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