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Originally Posted by Lil' Nasty View Post
Cant wait to see your IM bud but i understand what you mean about all your car parts on your table lol my mom let me put all my adams products and my stock oem parts in our (food) closet since we never use it You should see people's reactions when they open it and expect food
Haha that's funny...I don't care that my kitchen table is covered in car parts cause I never used it anyways usually just ate at my desk or at the coffee table in front of my tv.

Originally Posted by Nathan Moreno View Post
Sweeeet!! Your doing a great job, Looking forward to see the progress
Thanks! That means a lot coming from you. I hope it can come out how I imagine it haha. Can't wait to see all your work finally come together, so far the things you have together are looking really good!!

Just got a call, dropped of my intake manifold and pedals yesterday and they are done, picking them up tomorrow morning!!

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