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Originally Posted by Blueclyde View Post
It will happen, for the very reason some of you are saying it won't. The 7.0L has a limited sight line and will be going the way of the dinosaur. Why not shove it in a 1LE spec'd 5th gen with a couple of other upgraded drivetrain do-dads that they already have on ZL1 and make the Z28? I think it's brilliant. Think about it. I don't mean to offend anybody hear but really when was the last time a car named Z28 was really good? It's Ben a long time and you can argue that it's been since 1st gen. Who cares what's faster in a straight line Orin whatever track. Really, I could care less. I think it old be cool as hell. Guys, I really think its gonna come.
Why don't I see the Z/28 coming in the 5th gen or even in the future? GMs lack of willingness to use high peformance Corvette engines in the Camaro. If we have to wait for the Corvette to move on to the latest and greatest engines before they make their way into the Camaro, then the Camaro will always be limited. It would have been nice to see the LS6 in a 4th gen Z/28 but that didn't happen. It would have been great to have the LT4 in a 3rd gen Z/28 but there wasn't an LT4 Z/28.
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