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Originally Posted by CamaroDreams07 View Post


Winner: Optimum Car Wash- I'm kind of obsessed with finding the perfect car shampoo. I've tried dozens, and I can't beat Optimum. It foams amazingly, it rinses very clean, it has a high degree of lubricity and it's very affordable. You will love this in your foam gun, as well. I buy this by the gallon.

Wash Media-

Winner: Dodo Juice Wookie Mitt- This thing is seriously soft on your paint. It's made of long nap Merino wool, so it keeps the dirt away from the paint and slathers on tons of soapy water each time. I'd use one in the shower if they weren't so expensive

Honorable Mentions: Adam's Wash Pad- I actually like the wash pads a lot because they transfer more soap than a merino wool mitt does. It gets second place because they quickly become rough to the touch, and therefore have to be replaced often. Good price, though.

Paint Decontamination

Iron Removal-

Winner: Car Pro Iron X- This stuff smells like liquid death, but it is effective and easy to use. Makes short work of iron filings stuck in your paint, and turns purple as it reacts so you can see it working. Pair it with a sponge like this

Glass Care

Glass Sealant-

Winner: GTechniq G1 Clear Vision- G1 is a revolution in glass coatings. It lasts up to 3 years (claimed) and beads water flawlessly. Also keeps bugs and other stuff from sticking to the glass. It has a steep learning curve and is far from the easiest thing out there to use, but if you can master it you won't be disappointed. I have 6 months on mine and it's still working like a champ.

Honorable Mention: GTechniq G5 (especially good over G1), Adam's Glass Sealant

Well, there it is. I'll try to keep this list updated as new things impress me enough to make the cut. Hope this helps at least a couple people out there.

Might have to try out that Optimum Car Wash next time I order, still have a gallon of Adam's left.

A few extra questions:

Is that Wookie mitt any different than Adam's Murino Wash mitt?

You're so right about the Iron X, it literally smells like a bucket of zombie a-holes!

Isn't that GTechniq glass sealant the one that you said was really hard to apply?
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