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I purchased it from the dealership when I bought/picked up the car. They asked $650 and I countered w/$500. Didn't know their cost at the time, but the dealership jumped on the $500, which means I could of bought it for much less. They pay a little under $300 I remember reading here before. Yes you can get it from another dealership, I think there's a two week window. Offer them $300 as a starting point, they say no, tell'em you'll go to the next dealership. I got a nail in my tire w/600 miles. They ordered a new tire, then scratched my rim putting on the new tire so they then had to order a new rim. Took two and a half months for the new rim to come in, tire was the next day. Total cost to the dealer was around $1,500 and for the long wait the service manager threw in the ZL1 floor mats. It also includes $100 towards a hotel nite stay if you have a blowout while/when dealerships are closed and no charge to bring/flat bed the vehicle to the closest dealership. I had a small nail, about an inch long and these tires are NOT supposed to ever be plugged. Anyway it's all a personal choice/decision. For me it was a no brainer, which already paid for itself.

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