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I need your help!!

I bought my car in April of 2012, a yellow and black 2SS convertible (if my screen name didn't give it away!!). I had to have the HEADS UP DISPLAY replaced at 8k miles because it just went out! Had the carpet replaced because it was cut too short and wouldn't fit under the passenger door sill. Had to have the convertible top replaced just a month ago (8 months old)because there was a 1" circle that was wearing through just above the driver's door. The dealer sublet the convertible top and the first time I put it down the rubber seal between the top and the trunk rolled up and came to rest on the rear window. The passenger side rear window will not roll up all the way and that leaves a 3/4" gap between the two windows. Also, there are wires exposed on both sides of the top, just above the rear windows. The car has been in the shop twice for stalling on acceleration, not every time, but at least a couple of times a month. Have taken it in at least 4 times for the leather bubbling on the dash. The last two issues they can't seem to fix. The stalling issue the are trying to blame on bad gas (below 91 octane) but the only gas I have ever used is 91 octane or higher. The dash bubbling, I was told by the dealer, is a problem that GM is aware of, but has no remedy for. If there is no remedy, shouldn't that fall under the lemon law? I have called the Chevrolet customer service number 1-800-222-1020. I had asked for some trade assistance to get into a different one. I was told that GM would not be able to help.
I was employed at the dealership at the time and knew of a guy that had problems with brake dust on the wheels of his 2010 2SS with 45k miles and GM gave him $5000 in trade assistance toward a 2013 2SS.
I'm getting very frustrated with this whole everyone else on here, I LOVE MY CAMARO!!! Don't want another car, just don't think I should be stuck with this one..........$45k for a car that falls apart in less than 8 months?? Can you help me?

I almost forgot to mention the paint peeling on the front bumper......a place about 3/4" x 1" rectangle on the passenger side just above the driving light...
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