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FREAK OUT ... or not?

Jamie Mac suggested that we have a poll on whether to freak out or not freak out. Here is that poll.

Originally Posted by Jamie Mac View Post
OMG EVERYONE PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then again lets not. If it continues to be a problem, then I'm sure some software engineers will be on it. How about we just wait and see and if its a problem, wait on the fix and then go get the fix. Or we can all just FREAK THE F*&# OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we do a poll on whether to freak out or not?

BTW, thanks for the info. Hopefully it will not continue and if so, an easy and quick fix.
For the sake of being on topic, I want to recommend that we discuss what issues are worthy of freaking out and whether such a freak out is understandable even if it is undesirable. What are the limits of freaking out? When has freaking out gone too far? When has freaking out not gone far enough?

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