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Little update for anyone who actually follows this lol:

I went to Lowe's today to buy new bolts for the plenum cover and my throttle body. I was able to get new plenum cover bolts but they did not have anything close to the throttle body bolts that I was looking for (want them in black). However I was able to buy new throttle body bolts from Summit Racing, the only downside is they are on back order. So I will have to patiently wait. Here is a pic of the plenum cover bolts I bought, they are the black ones on the right:

Now for anyone who may want to replace the plenum cover bolts like I did the size of them is: M6-1.00 x 25. Also the throttle body bolts are basically the same too, they are M6-1.00 x 60.

So other than just going out and buying new bolts I also started to reassemble my intake manifold and stuff. I reinstalled my Black Ice-olator and installed the new plenum spacer (which is why I am even making this post, new bolts aren't that impressive lol) I was really hoping to reinstall my throttle body but I want to wait until I get those bolts. So here are a couple of pics of the plenum spacer installed.

By the way, RTV is really messy haha
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